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About New Image Weight Loss Clinic

Making a positive change for your health is a great way to ensure that you will have a long life with family and friends. Here at New Image Weight Loss Clinic, in Johnson City, TN, we are extremely accepting and accommodating to your specific needs. We get to know your lifestyle and cater our services to align perfectly with your weight loss goals. 

All of us here at the clinic are devoted to being your partner in this weight loss journey. We provide products that will truly make a difference, leaving you feeling positive and restored. From our derma fillers, B12 injections, LipoVite injections, and more, we know that you’ll see the feel the difference.

Weight Loss Wow

b12 injections

Our B12 injections will help your body process carbohydrates and fats successfully. This way, you’ll shed that extra weight quickly.  

Personalized Plan

We create personalized plans to help you advance quickly on your journey. Our doctors and staff work closely with you to ensure your success.  

Flexible Appointments

We offer flexible scheduling that allows you to come in when you can. We’ll work with you and set up a time that is perfect for your needs. 

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Dedicated to Creating a New Life for You

When you step into our office, we’re dedicated to creating a new life for you. Your confidence and commitment to a better life will sky rocket after you’ve taken advantages of everything we have to offer. Call our office today to learn more about everything we’ll supply to get your life back on the right track.

Rely on our services and we know your journey will end with excellent results and an increased sense of confidence you didn’t know was possible. Get the life you deserve and contact our team for additional information about the weight loss products we provide.